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Tecura és una màquina de pintar força senzilla d'utillitzar dissenyada per l'Evru per les persones amb capacitats diferents.

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dibujo de andy

dibujo de andy

yooo soyy yoo
andrea - 13-09-2008 23:21

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Following are few of the things they will have to cionsder when trying to implement Google Project glass :Accuracy: The accuracy of the info, such as GPS location in the countries that do not have appropriate GPS info.Noise : How will the glasses perform when in a crowded location, there may be chance of getting noises for eveywhere.Hardware : WIll it take into account also the eyesight related, night and day related issues.Software : 1)Does it have Wifi/Sim connectivity?2) How much time to charge?3) Support for multipl languages?4)If i have smart phone, which is connected to the glass with the bluetooth, when i want to call which mode will it use ?~ Vijay K
Joselin - 17-12-2015 23:04

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