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Tecura és una màquina de pintar força senzilla d'utillitzar dissenyada per l'Evru per les persones amb capacitats diferents.

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xasi mozart

xasi mozart

es un men muy musicaņ
maria - 29-10-2008 01:15

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The best way would (hypothetically) be to dissolve the copsre in acid, initially. Not making the mistake John Haigh did though in using industrial acid, as bone, teeth, false artifacts will not dissolve completely. I guess the bits left over could be smashed up with a pestle and mortar and sold in overpriced make up products for older women. Maybe you could burn the body parts too before the sulphuric acid. Hmm, one for a rainy afternoon.
Shweta - 11-10-2012 18:43

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