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Tecura és una màquina de pintar força senzilla d'utillitzar dissenyada per l'Evru per les persones amb capacitats diferents.

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Yo soy Arturo!

Yo soy Arturo!

Soy boliviabo
Arturo - 31-05-2011 11:50

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Hi Matt,And just think what fits the environmentalists and Government would have if I mtenioned my real funeral desire, which is having my corpse clad in my finest blue jeans and teeshirt and surrounded with guns, fishing rods, and computer equipment, and clutching a bottle of Scotch under one arm and a box of cigars under the other launched onto our lake in a burning long ship while all our friends and family were having a big party on shore with live music and lots of booze and food, at night of course. America, land of the free, my ass.the Grit
Unsure - 22-01-2013 07:06

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