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Tecura is a very simple painting machine designed by Evru for the people of different capacities.

Tecura workshop at Granada University, Fine art div. May 2008

gominolas piñero

gominolas piñero

Dear Dr. Paton,I had the pleasure of menetig you this summer at NATS in SLC and I have been an enthusiastic teacher with your music editions, in particular the second volume of the Italian arias and the Gateway edition. I have a student who is in love with Un boccacin d'amante and wants to use this for our concerto/aria audition with our university orchestra. We need to ascertain if there is indeed an orchestral score available for this aria before she auditions. We did contact music distribution service that the orchestra routinely uses to order music, and they did not have anything on record for an orchestra score for this aria. Can you help us with this? It is such a charming aria and so good for the younger voice, but we need the orchestra part.Thank you.Serena Kanig Benish Utah Valley UniversityMusic DepartmentOrem, Utah
Poliana - 11-10-2012 11:54

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