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Tecura es una máquina muy sencilla para pintar, diseñada por Evru para las personas con capacidades distintas

Evento TOUCHCITY-Samsung OMNIA en la Noche en Blanco 2008 Madrid



es el ,as diver de todos y el mejor
sonia casero - 24-08-2009 00:30

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Since Focus V1.3 s are not getting the upatde does that mean that version of the phone is defective and should be exchanged for one that works? Is the memory bad in the version 1.3? Did they do some sort of samsung code hack to get the defective memory to run that is not compatable with future Windows Phone upatdes? Are we stuck with the basic NODO forever?Paul have you heard if the problem has been fixed but is just going through the 180 day test perriod followed by the 180 day hold by AT&T or are they unable to fix the problem?Bill Walter
Fabian - 11-10-2012 23:56


You get a lot of respect from me for writing these hefpull articles.
Ganesh - 21-01-2013 16:19

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