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Tecura es una máquina muy sencilla para pintar, diseñada por Evru para las personas con capacidades distintas

Taller Tecura Univ. Granada BB.AA. mayo 2008

ursula 5

ursula 5

Can I post 5 personal reosnas to blog should I ever set up a blogsite? Can I also respectfully suggest that these 5 reosnas are the same as yours Bob?1.I have the time to personally manage the topics.2.I like to express my own opinion3. I like to listen to the opinion of others.4. I like to listen to the opinions of others not bound by political correctness.5.I like to have the last word!!!!!
Mert - 11-10-2012 15:31

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That's an expert answer to an interesting qeustoin
Safdar - 11-10-2012 17:26


Reading this makes my densiiocs easier than taking candy from a baby.
Elric - 18-05-2017 01:47

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