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Tecura és una màquina de pintar força senzilla d'utillitzar dissenyada per l'Evru per les persones amb capacitats diferents.

Máquinas & Almas, MNCARS, Madrid, des del 23.06 al 13.10.08

reina sofia

reina sofia

giulia - 13-09-2008 15:45

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Just played tuoghrh the game last nite and this morning and I have to say this is a great game. First off I didnt have any saving and loading issues that the reviewer mentions but I agree that the enemy A.I isn't always great. However you will absolutely love this game its so so fun to play tuoghrh. Im usually a die hard CoD & Battlefield fps shooter kind of guy but this game had me hooked from start to finish.
Nicolas - 17-05-2012 06:46

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