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Tecura es una máquina muy sencilla para pintar, diseñada por Evru para las personas con capacidades distintas

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tete de noeud

tete de noeud

c beauuu
lili - 26-09-2008 14:04

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Cool! Of course, over here it won't fly. Our mocatriins lobby has a strangle hold on death, and the law in every State dictates that all corpses have to be handled by licensed mocatriins, for a hefty fee. For instance, I, being the frugal type, wanted my remains to be tossed on a large stack of wood in the field behind the house, set on fire, and the excess energy used to BBQ some pork to feed the drunks who came to see me off. But NOOOO! The Government has LAWS about that sort of thing, so instead of spending a few thousand dollars on booze and food for a grand going away party, we are forced to hand the cash over to an approved body planter. Thank you so much Big Brother, and I only hope that the participants in this atrocious legislative restriction know that, in whatever after life there is, I will be waiting there for them to make their continued ethereal existence miserable.the Grit
Jonas - 17-12-2015 22:42

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