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Tecura es una máquina muy sencilla para pintar, diseñada por Evru para las personas con capacidades distintas

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PIÑERO - 30-10-2008 11:17

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I cannot wait for these glessas.I have been using internet and cellphones since 1996 it's kind of crazy looking back over the years?I was hooking up and playing on the Coleco Adam and Comodore64 way back in my early years of elementary school.I?ve witnessed the birth of every major commercial CPU since Intel?s 8086, the first tower, laptop, tablet-convertible, tablet, palmtop, smartphone, MP3 player?and now this.This is the next major leap forward in ultra-mobile tech, and it excites me. Obviously there will be a lot of considerations to think about when it comes to pedestrians/drivers and the usage of this device when doing either. Because of the rash of recent vehicular accidents involving the physical handling of cellphones and GPS displays, ?They? say that use of cell phones is a distraction, and is now prohibited,?Arguably it?s not any more distracting than looking down at your car stereo to change the radio station, or looking to your cup holder for your favour cool beverage, or fancy heads-up display on mirrors and windshields. But ?They? haven?t banned either of those in vehicles, and it is still legal to have dash or window mounted GPS displays. So basically the distraction based accidents and subsequently the new lows boils down to banning ?hands-on? tech usage in vehicles.SIDENOTE I find it funny, because I used to text and drive (way back in 2000-2005). And in my defence, since the recent changes to cellphone while driving motor vehicle laws in Canada, I have ceased physically handling my cell while driving the current motor vehicle laws prohibiting cell. But now I use a Bluetooth earpiece. I can dial and answer calls, and even listen to my txt messages and respond to them without even lifting a finger, and I have a dash mounted GPS.I think if a new study was done again assessing 30+yro drivers while using their cell and compare them to newly licenced teen drivers while using their cells it would be discovered that the majority of people in the cell related accidents were actually just poor drivers. Of course the level of distraction is equal to the amount of physical hands-on interaction with the device.This device would kill all my birds with one stone. Having a GPS heads up would be no more distracting than my dash mount, and far less distracting than a factory installed nav/entertainment system because it at least keeps your eyes in the same general direction as you?re traveling. If you try turning your head while driving or looking at something rather than the view through your windshield and you will feel the vehicle drift of course?the same way it does when you?re distracted by something below the dash line of your vehicle (don?t recommend doing this while driving).In any case, the point being made is that if you have to handle the device while in a vehicle then it?s illegal and unsafe, if you have to look away from the direction you are driving/walking then it?s just unsafe, and if you take years to determine how a product will affect the next generation of poor drivers then your competition will beat you to the market. I personally feel that having something like this that is entirely hands free would actually lessen the amount of accidents associated with driving while distracted?or walking while distracted. Of course it?s going to depend on the person, and their level of use and discretion while using. And as for the ?strangeness? of people talking to their glessas?it really is no different than seeing someone talking on their Bluetooth headsets.
Sasha - 17-12-2015 22:40

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