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Tecura es una máquina muy sencilla para pintar, diseñada por Evru para las personas con capacidades distintas

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sara - 18-07-2009 15:01

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Hi Twenty, just a quick hello from a new reader of yours.I sluebtmd across your blog the other day while bored between repairs at work, and I've somewhat addicted since.I'm sitting at my bench now in work giggling away at our older posts, it's a good way to cheer yourself up from the shite Scottish weather.Take care mate,Kipper
Vimal - 12-10-2012 05:22


Well written so true; we Indian are so oeebsssd with cleaning, but have often noticed that people clean their houses and fling the garbage outside.. Or eat gutkha sitting in posh cars and throw the packets on the road In short, their concept of cleanliness extends to their own 4 walls or 4 wheels.. What sort of perverse OCD is this?
Najet - 17-12-2015 21:36

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