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Tecura es una máquina muy sencilla para pintar, diseñada por Evru para las personas con capacidades distintas

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Horror head

Horror head

Proves varies
Alpha - 16-02-2010 10:48

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Elur t'estimo! xDDDDD Jo tampoc he vist el senoyr dels anells perf2 per demanar que no quedi, no? xDDDD[No, mira, si et remontes uns comentaris amunt, el pd40 te9 un enllae7 a la wikipedia en la primera paraula "palantir" que surt... xDD]
Neeraj - 17-05-2012 19:19


This exact issue has been addressed by Laurel K. Hamilton, in exiecssve detail. (Seriously, the amount of thought she puts into the details of supernatural sex ) In order for vampires to have sex in her universe, they must do so very shortly after consuming blood. However, only very recent vampires can hope to procreate, and they have to do things like deliberately elevate their body temperature by sitting in a hot tub in order to have viable sperm. I've had to give up reading her, because it turned into medicore vampire porn instead of monster killing and butt kicking.
Tshring - 21-01-2013 21:14


Sef1or Poly, como le va?...le dejo el comentario en mi blog junto con mi rlcezmea y de paso le da una chusmeada a lo demas... Desde este optimo rincon lo saluda simpaticamente Agustin Riccardi...www.airdibujante.blogspot.com
Charie - 17-12-2015 20:45

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