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Tecura is a very simple painting machine designed by Evru for the people of different capacities.
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Evru borns in 2001

Evru arose in the year 2001, from the ashes of Zush (1968-2001) who had born in 1968 from Albert Porta, born in Barcelona in 1946.

Evru is a polymorphic, multifaceted artist who has undergone several transformations and is a trailblazer for the use of technology in art. In 1975 he obtains a grant from William Fulbright Foundation to study holography at M.I.T. (Boston), that was his first contact with technology applied to art.  Since the mid-eighties he integrates digital technology into his work excuted in apparently traditional media.

Evru inhabits a hybrid space that encompasses the rituals and complexity of the present age and reflects the constant interest for inner knowledge. He therefore defines himself as an ArtScienMyst: an artist, scientist and mystic.  A key part of his creative universe is Evrugo Mental State with its own alphabet (Asura), bank notes (Tucars), and passport...

Evru’s work explores human nature, the multiple personalities hidden within each individual, the limits of our own mental or physical space, and the cultural constructions that define concepts such as health and illness, sexuality and pornography, madness and reason. His visual work combines iconography that refers to the body and its extensions (the mind, sex and time) and abstract writing –calligraphy– as a mean to express what is beyond the rational. As a result, his works often distill and blend both monstrosity or folly and soberness or rationality.

His work is based on two intertwined convictions: firstly, that we all carry an artist within us that all too often gets smothered as we grow up; and secondly, that releasing this inner artist enables us to strike a new balance between the soul, creation and science and empowers us to heal ourselves from our psychological pain. These ideas reach their most complete synthesis in TECURA, a digital painting machine that invites people to awaken their inner artist and explore their own creativity.

He believes that collaborative work is important for demystifying and expanding the role of the artist. His determination to debunk the figure of the artist and the breadth of his interests have led him to use such a wide range of media that make him as hard to be classified. His plastic, manual and now digital creations that include from painting, drawing, assemblie, photography, collage, artist book, sound recording, sculpture, infography, screening, CD-ROM to prints and online work, reusing everything digitally, and often, working in collaboration with creators from different disciplines such as programmers, architects, writers, or musicians.


Evru con los niņos en el Taller Tecura, Abu Dhabi Future Center, Abu Dhabi, 2008
Evru con los niņos en el Taller Tecura, Abu Dhabi Future Center, Abu Dhabi, 2008


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