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Exquisite cadaver

The Exquisite cadaver (Cadavre exquís) is a collective game invented by the Surrealists around 1925. More concretely, at the 54 rue Château in Paris where Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Prévert and Yves Tangy shared the house.

According to the definition in the Dictionnaire abrégé du surreálisme (1938): «Game of folded paper which consists in composing a phrase or drawing among various perticipants while none of them should have any idea over the other collaboration or precedent collaborations». This example became as a classical game among the Surrealists. The origin of the name 'Cadavre exquís' owes to the very first phrase among Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Prévert and Yves Tangy wrote: Le cadavre - exquis - boira- le vin - nouveau ("Exquisit - cadaver- will drink - new - wine ).

At the beginning it was just a playful experience as a simple pastime which over the time became a perfect and creative method for self-knowledge.

The Exquisit cadaver elopes from the concept of the unique piece of artwork, weather as literature or as visual art.  As it is a collective creation which counts with individualized contributions, it vehicles for an almost telepathic communication between the participants as it is a game of guessing over the images or the thought of the others.

(source, partially from, es.wikipedia.org)

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