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Tecura is a very simple painting machine designed by Evru for the people of different capacities.
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LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón shelters the exhibition [banquet_08_nets_nodes], from June 6th to November 3rd 2008. Visitors of the LABoral could interact and explore their creativity using the 'digital painting machine' TECURA 4.0 ß, presented by Evru.

In this virtual gallery the artworks created by the users-visitors of the LABoral, and sent directly from Tecura 4.0 ß application to the web site data base through Internet connection..

Titles and comments which go with each artworks belong to it's respective authors or to the public who have take part of, and the owner of [ www.tecura.org ]  is not responsible, neither necesarily shares the opinions expressed in those comments sent by the users and general public to the www.tecura.org. Thank you!


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