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Tecura is a very simple painting machine designed by Evru for the people of different capacities.

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IMATGE SHYAM. - 05-11-2011 12:52

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/ Dear Noriko,Sorry for the late response my spam fitelr had caught you. Without knowing more about you, it's hard to offer advice that's not generic. I will say this based on your comments. Often, we keep ourselves incredibly busy to avoid thinking about things we don't want to deal with. This avoidance of ourselves can result in depression. I'd suggest sitting down with a coach or therapist and really looking at what you've been running away from. (It helps to have someone else to keep you moving forward in the process especially when the depression is well established. Trying to do it alone may end up sinking you in deeper because you won't have anyone to help you change your stories around it and you may end up feeling hopeless about it. Get some help preferably from a qualified professional.) Also, be aware that oftentimes we will self-medicate with sugar and caffeine to keep us going. These have the temporary effect of making us feel a little better, but on the back end the crash from coming off of these actually exacerbates the situation, making things worse, not better in the long run. Weaning yourself off of these foods would probably help in the healing process as well.I'm available for private coaching if you need it. 508-243-6257.Kelle
Andrye - 17-05-2012 18:36


G'Day Joey,You warm the cockles of an Aussie crumudgeon's heart. For years I've been telling clients: don't ask for written applications and resumes and always include a statement such as do not apply for this job unless or only alpply for this job if in their job ads.a0And you've given me an excuse to use one of my favourite Mark Twain quotes; It aint what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for certain that just aint so. a0Make sure you have funa0Best WishesLeon
Adinda - 17-12-2015 22:04

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